Grand Opening of New Space!

Sunday, April 14th
Do join us as we show off the new space!
3pm – 6pm
We will have a Cash Bar, Music from the stairs from the incredible DJ Kluv, and a few things coming out of The Wurst Kitchen


In October of last year we started work on our new project. An idea born out of a desire to breathe new life into our small space and our minds. An undertaking so vast, for us anyway, but one we felt so necessary, such that the enormity of the construction project did not even register on the stress level scale.
When Matt and I first took to tearing down the old drop ceiling we did it without the slightest bit of doubt whilst staring straight into the unknown.
When the time is right for something the steps one must take to get there don’t stand in your way. It has been long, but how could it not be, and the result we think you will see is spectacular.

We would love to welcome you this coming Sunday to enjoy the amazing craftpersonship of Andy Tower of HB Archive and his incredible team. His vision, enthusiasm, kindness and meticulous attention to detail are what made what once was a dream a reality.
My most favorite conversation with Andy was our first one. When I told him we were interested in renovating he said “Why, what you have here is so special why would you want to change it?”
He got it, and I knew we were in good hands.


From the first time we stepped into Chez Pascal as new owners in 2003 we have been blessed to have the help of family in friends along the way. This new project was no different.
You will see the beautiful tables that Matt’s father Michael built with him from wood that was taken out of the ceiling. Wood that had to be painstakingly stripped, sanded and held together for months before they were done. They are a beautiful remembrance of the old space and a glorious tribute to the new.

Within our amazing staff walk some incredible artists.
We asked Seth McCombs, Deb Hickey and Mark Riendeau to collaborate on a mural for the new space. At this typing it is not complete, but just you wait and see what they have done. We couldn’t be happier to be honored with their work on the new walls.

The new Garden Room houses a staircase to our roof garden
(most sorry, it is for garden staffers and not for customers at this time) where Matt and our team will continue to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers but will now have the most fantastic way to get there instead of the rickety lean-to ladder Matt has been
using for the past few years.
The Wurst Kitchen is still where it once was, the only remaining survivor of the demolition. Adding to this room is a new little Wurst Marketplace where we will be showcasing our house made sausages, frankfurters, savory pies, flowers, plants, condiments, Chezprons and soon to be canned products for you to purchase!

Going forward, as it has been since the renovation started in October, both The Wurst Kitchen menu and the Chez Pascal menu will be available anywhere you sit, whether it be in the new space or the old.
We will have some exciting new menu ideas coming too.
Also, in the works will be some great cooking classes and container gardening classes with our local farmers.

Change happens. Sometimes it catches you off guard, sometimes it is ushered in. We are thrilled that our change will offer something new and different for some, while still keeping the old space for those who wish to remain in their tried and true comfortable surroundings.
Sometimes, just sometimes, the best of both worlds is possible.

Matt and I continue to be humbled and so utterly grateful to be part of such a supportive community; to come from families that just pour out the help, whose wells never ever seem to run dry; and to walk among the most lovely, encouraging, make us want to be better staff that one could ever dream of.
This one is for all of you.

The Renovation Project 2018-2019

Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen Renovation Project 2018-2019
Chapter One
A long time ago, on a street corner on the East Side, we happened upon a restaurant for sale. The interior was charming with its wood trim, old tin ceiling, and comfortable bar; not to mention the cozy neighborhood setting. We fell in love with the space and set our sail for Providence. Although the process for purchasing the restaurant took months, once we closed we flipped the restaurant from the old owners to us and opened within five days of the changeover.
In those five days we were blessed with the help of friends and family, tirelessly working through the night to add our own touches to the space. I distinctly remember my mom and I deciding what to do with an old screen divider. I knew we needed it, but it required some work to make it a bit more presentable.
She ran out and grabbed some fabric, we didn’t know how to sew so she put that fabric on with little sewing pins. “This is only temporary,” we both said. Once we got going we will get something else and retire this piece was our thinking.  Well one week turned into two, and two to four, and now fifteen years later I still have that piece, the same sewing pins still intact holding onto that fabric we both deemed as temporary. It has made its way to the basement a few times, again with the notion its job was done, only to be pulled back into action for one reason or another.
The thing is, running a business becomes a juggling act each day, each hour even, of deciding what is priority and what isn’t. That little room divider would be on the top of the list at the beginning of the day, only to find itself at the bottom as other more important things would come up and take its place. Then its priority status simply disappeared, and it became a fixture that no longer seemed important. I would walk by it sometimes, smile and say in my head, some day I will get rid of you.
That piece, and others like it, coupled with the sheer desire for change that has been growing for some time, spurred our desire to just really jump into the idea of renovating the restaurant. So off we went, our steadfast bank, Coastway Community Bank, granted us a loan, we found an amazing designer in Andrew Tower of HB Design and Build and now we are in it folks!
It is official, there is a dumpster full of debris as I type, and an excitement in the air of what is to come.  Please have no fear however, we are still here and open.  I will outline below the process. But know that even though the space will look a little different, we are very careful about not making it feel different. It simply just won’t be. We don’t want that, our wonderful staff doesn’t want that, nor do our lovely customers and our architect won’t let it happen.
We hope you continue to frequent Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen as we undergo this project and join us on our new adventure!
What you need to know:
Renovations are starting in the Wurst Kitchen side of the restaurant.
The Wurst Kitchen will still be  however, The Wurst Kitchen food will be created out of the Chez Pascal Kitchen for the time being.
The Wurst Window may or may not be open due to construction, but you can still come in and order inside and take it to go if you wish!
Because The Wurst Kitchen itself is non operational for the time being, this means that both menus, Chez Pascal  & The Wurst Kitchen will be available to all for dinner in the Chez Pascal dining room Tuesday- Saturday! The best of both worlds will now not just be limited to the bar or the outside patio.  This will be a new production system for us so it might take a few days to get the timing right, we are grateful for your understanding.
Just keep in mind that we are now limited in dining space (only the Chez Pascal side will be operational for a bit). We still love the pop in, but certainly feel free to call to make reservations, or call ahead to see if there is a wait, as our seating is now half the size it used to be.
The Design in a nutshell:
1) The Side Dining room (a.k.a. The Wurst Kitchen side) is getting windows & a head house with stairs to our roof garden (not for dining sorry)
2) A small market area will be created showcasing our house made sausage and hot dogs
3) New floors, new tables, new bar
We shall keep you posted as to the progress, our hope is that we will remain open during construction, as the side dining room is being worked on the Chez side will be operational, as the Chez side is being worked on the Side Dining Room Wurst side will be operational.
We are extremely excited and hugely thankful for your support in allowing us to continue to do what we love.
Kristin & Matt Gennuso
a model of things to come…..

The Joe Swick & His Wines Here! Saturday March 2

The Details: We will have 6 of Joe’s wines available by the flight
for as long as quantities allow.
This is not a ‘structured’ wine dinner by any means;
simply join us for dinner or a drink, dine on whatever pleases you from our menus,
and enjoy a flight of some pretty amazing wine.
Mr. Swick will be on hand to meet you at your table,
or you can approach him, and discuss the beauty that is created
by this incredible raw winemaker from Oregon.

Joe will be at Chez Pascal from 6pm – until it is time to go.

If you had the glorious opportunity to meet Kelley Fox on Monday,
come and you will find yourself equally as enraptured by Joe Swick.

Harboring a wine crush on his wines for quite some time now, it is with great giddy joy
that all of us here are elated to welcome him.
Do come out and see how the thoughtful caring of what he does is reflected so perfectly in every glass.

Available for Flight
The Beav, Pet Nat
Chenin Blanc
Bring It
Sec Siemefe +$1

Create your own flight of the above
Choose 3 for $15 + $1 with Sec

Matt in the kitchen will also be creating a
Swickasborg, should you so choose,
for you to enjoy with your flight
2 oysters
duck fat potatoes with raclette cheese
smoked sausage
chitarra pasta with red wine braised squid

Meat & Greet * February 25th* An evening with two exceptional Oregon Winemakers, eating hot dogs and tasting wine

Meat & Greet
An evening with two exceptional Oregon Winemakers, eating hot dogs and tasting wine
Monday, February 25th

In conjunction with The Wine Brothers & Campus Fine Wines,
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen are honored to welcome Kelley Fox of Kelley Fox Wines and Jim Anderson of Patricia Green Cellars.


One of my favorite things about wine has nothing to do with the consumption of the wine but the story behind it. Kelley Fox and Jim Anderson are two of Oregon’s most glorious winemakers, each traveled a different path to
get to their vines, but both share a commonality in their
belief that nature should dictate its course.
They are stewards of the land and we
get to enjoy the beauty of their process.

If you think you know pinot noir, come. If you don’t know pinot noir, come.
If you think Oregon only does well with red wine,
come and enjoy the charm of pinot gris.

We will be tasting 9 wines! and enjoying such tasty items as:

duck hot dogs with braised red cabbage & prune dijon
our classic hot dogs
pigs in blankets
vegetable turnover with paprika & dijonnaise
peking style sausage slider with pickled maine kelp

This will be a casual, walk-around, hot dog eating (not a worry there will be a few non-meat goodies as well) opportunity to taste some happiness in a glass and
chat with two remarkable folks and hear their story.

Bottles of wine can be purchased through the delightful people at
Campus Fine Wines who will be on hand to help you out
and secure your wine memories for later use.

Where: Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen, 960 Hope Street Providence RI
When: Monday, February 25th
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm, come and go if you like or stay the whole time.
Price: $50 per person all inclusive.

Please call Chez Pascal to reserve your spot.
Payment required in advance.
We have a limited capacity for this event.

We will be open for regular Burger * Dinner Menu too on this night!
How are we going to manage that?
You will just have to come to find out.
Please let us know you are coming by calling
Chez Pascal to reserve your spot

Payment required in advance.
We have a limited capacity for this event.
We will not be able to provide refunds but you can certainly
pass your ticket to a friend.

Reservations for the Wine Tasting Cannot be
made On Line via our dinner reservation system

However, you can purchase a ticket on-line through our website.
See directions below, it’s not as complicate as I make it.
To Reserve Your Spot On-Line You May:
*Order On-line ~ We have continued with our fancy footwork with this one as we retrofitted our On-Line Gift Cert Ordering.
If you want to Order On-Line please read the following information:

1) Go to our website and choose the option to purchase
a Chez Pascal Gift Card.
2) In the ‘amount’ field, choose $50.
3) Select the Quantity
4) In the ‘Mail Gift Certificate to:’ field choose ‘Me’
5) In the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields just write ‘Wine’
6) Fill in the Address Info, you have to but know it won’t be delivered to you in the mail. You can also write Wine here too.
7) Proceed to Check out and fill in your contact info and credit card info from there.
8) We will then contact you via email, or phone, with a confirmation and other information.

The Chezpron is Here!

Introducing The Chezpron
it’s not a pain in the neck
Designed by Matt Gennuso and made possible by many wonderful people
who took the idea out of his head and put it to fabric.

A truly comfortable and functional cook’s apron.
Whether you cook as a profession or cook for pleasure
our apron design will take the pressure off your neck;
eliminating fussing with your clothes and allowing your creativity to soar!

Designed in Rhode Island, manufactured with care
in New Bedford Massachusetts.

Available for purchase at STOCK 756 Hope Street,
at Chez Pascal, JB Prince in NYC,  or check out our online store at !
brought to you by neckless designs inc.

* Burger Nights *

Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays
From our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!

The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!
When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.


Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays

And from our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!

The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!

When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.


Stay Tuned.

Monthly Monday Dinners*Restaurant Weeks

Monthly Monday Dinners at Chez Pascal
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen is now closed on Mondays until the Spring. We will miss you all terribly on Mondays, but we won’t be gone for long! To ease the parting for us, we will be having special dinners each month until May.
Each Monthly Monday dinner we will take a journey down a specific culinary path. The dinners will be offered on the last Monday of the month.
Coming up on January 30th will be our interpretation of a
New England Culinary Heritage Dinner.

practice: rutabaga pie with baking powder biscuits

New England is filled with many unique traditions distinct only to this region. Not the least of which is found in what we eat.  Adopted from many and cultivated and passed down through generations; New England cuisine is a melting pot of flavors from which emerged what we know today as quintessential New England fare.
Borrowing from our regional culinary heritage and expressed in our modern flare, join us as we take a gastronomical trip down baked bean lane, among others.
The dinners will be $49 per person for a 3 course menu, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Please do join us for these distinctive, fun, delicious dinners! Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at
401-421-4422. Or from the front page of our website!
The Menu
please note some items may change 

Smoked Frizzled Beef with Mushrooms & Toast Points
Rhode Island Johnnycakes with Fried Cod Cakes
& Cranberry Compote
Clam and Sunchoke Chowder with House Smoked Salt Pork,
Maine Yellow Eyed Beans and Herb Butter
Stuffed Quahogs

New England Boiled Dinner ~ Black Bird Farm Beef Brisket, Beef Consommé, Potatoes, Carrots & Mincemeat
Braised Chicken and Rutabaga Pie with Baking Powder Biscuits
Brown Bread Crusted Pork Cutlet with
Molasses Baked Beans & Pickled Cabbage
Baked Stuffed Lobster with Oyster Stuffing
$ supplemental
Braised Salt Cod, Parsnips, Kale and Hasty Pudding

Apple Pandowdy
Native American Indian Pudding
Maple Sugar Bread Pudding, Maple Ice Cream & Maple Custard

also ~ brown bread, apple butter, parker rolls

Monthly Monday Dinners on Deck
dates & details coming
*Italian Dinner MONDAY, MARCH 27TH
*Mexican Street Food Dinner, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH
  with our friend Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria
*Vegetarian Dinner MONDAY, APRIL 24TH
*** **** **** *** *** *** ***
We will be participating every day that we are open.
In addition to our regular menu we will be offering a
3 Course Menu for $34.95!
Starting January 17th – January 28th!
Reservations can be made online through our website.

Enjoy a cozy winter night with us!
Some items will be added and some items may change.
Sauerkraut and turnip soup with caraway biscuits, pickled mustard seeds
Roasted mussels with garlic, mirepoix, parsley, and aioli
Salad of bitter greens with pears, blue cheese and candied walnuts with pomegranate vinaigrette

House made sausages with mashed potatoes, wilted greens and prune sauce
Cloumage cheese and herb baked crêpe with Rhode Island grown mushrooms,
winter fruit mince meat compote
a delicious fish

Cinnamon sugar profiteroles with Apple pastry cream and coffee ice cream

New Year’s Eve * Wurst New Year * Brunch * Special Mondays!

Saturday, December 31st
Have The Wurst Kitchen for up to 16 people for a small private gathering!
The menu will be crafted to offer a selection of our delicious house made sausages,
small plates and sides served family style, and of course anything from our bar/drink/wine list.

The early time slot is booked, we still have the later time slot available!

Your party would start at 9:00pm until the ball drops.  ($525 minimum for food)
not including tax, gratuity or beverages

We ONLY have the second time available so don’t delay!
To book your Wurst New Year, reservations will be taken and confirmed in advance
with a credit card number.
Time frames must be adhered to in order to facilitate a smooth, happy wurst time.
Saturday, December 31st
Join us as we bid adieu to the old and
ring in the new!
We will be creating a special 3 course menu,
choices in each course, for you to choose from.
A Few Menu Highlights
please note that some items may change
and additions will be made

roasted littleneck clams, spicy paprika broth, grilled polenta, sea salty feta

potato & kale tart, warm raclette cheese, dijonnaise,
apple & radicchio salad

winter greens, persimmons, pecans, sunflower seeds,
yogurt dressing

mushroom bisque, fennel braised pork meatballs, herb ricotta

shrimp cocktail ~ spicy poached florida shrimp, chez cocktail sauce,
celery root & apple rémoulade
choucroute garni ~ house sauerkraut, local potatoes,
blackbird farm pork

local lamb stuffed belly roulade, braised shoulder,
celery root-potato gratin, roasted carrots

baked cod, pumpkin & golden raisin broth,
seared potato cake

fish stew, tarbais beans, fennel, saffron, garlic, focaccia

roasted ½ chicken, winter vegetables, honey, turnip purée,
green peppercorn sauce
plus more entree choices, including vegetarian
a selection of sweet new years’ treats!

$69 per person
not including tax gratuity or beverages
In addition to the menu,on the libation side,
we will be offering a delicious, bubbly array of
sparkling wines to be enjoyed by the glass, carafe, bottle or FLIGHT!
Starting in January, we will be CLOSED ON MONDAYS until the Spring.
We will miss you all terribly on Mondays, but we won’t be gone for long!
To ease the parting, we will be having special dinners on the last Monday of the month until May.
These dinners will be crafted around a particular theme.
For instance:
New England Inspired Dinner
Italian Dinner
Mexican Street Food Dinner with our friend Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria
Vegetarian Dinner

Our annual ONCE a YEAR brunch will be on…
Sunday, January 8th
10am – 2:00pm
Now taking reservations!

Pat’s Pastured Dinner Monday, December 12


5:30pm – 9:00pm
This will mark our seventh Grazing Dinner with farmer Patrick McNiff of Pat’s Pastured!
This particular dinner highlights one of the great reasons why we love living in Rhode Island as it gives credence to that once unfamiliar phrase ‘farm to table’.

As with all our special annual dinners at Chez Pascal,
each one brings a unique quality to the evening unlike any other night.
This one starts revealing itself the minute we enter in the wee hours of the morning.
Getting ready for Pat’s dinner means roasting chickens, braising meat, cooking vegetables, simmering sauces;the enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen permeate all through the restaurant, lifting our spirits with the fragrance of heartwarming food.

The dinner is at Chez Pascal and the menu for the evening will be five courses,
no choices, $69 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.

Due to the special nature of this menu we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate certain dietary restrictions, any substitutions or changes to the menu. It will be the only menu we will be offering for the night.

A few Menu highlights…
some items may change

chopped chicken liver crostini with quince compote,
chicory and crispy salsify
braised pork & beef meatballs with caraway profiterole, pumpkin mostarda and vermont raclette cheese
choucroute garnie of ~ turkey leg confit, turkey kielbasa, turkey breast, house kraute, turnip puree & dijon
classic whole roasted cornish rock chicken with roasted root vegetables & smoked chicken jus
(We feel the best way to eat this chicken is roasted whole. We will be serving the chicken family style based on your party size.
For example, one whole chicken for a party of two. Don’t worry, if you don’t feel comfortable,
we will gladly take the chicken back into the kitchen, portion it, and serve it to you)
Let us know if you want to take the bones home for stock!

fifth course
oh dessert of course

Given the limited availability of the menu items, we will only be able to accommodate a limited amount of guests.
Reservations required. 401-421-4422. Do come and join us!

We will be open from 5:30pm-9:00pm.

New Year’s Eve!
Saturday, December 31st

Join us for our last dinner of the year!
3 sumptuous courses, with choices within each course, designed to carry you blissfully
into the new year.

$69 per person. not including tax, gratuity or beverages.

Also, we are going to have fun with bubbles as we offer a selection of sparkling wines by the flight, glass, carafe & bottle!

Menu Highlights coming soon!!!
Now taking reservations
Please note, reservations for New Year’s Eve cannot be made online.Please call the restaurant for reservations.