Cookbook Series!

Chez Pascal’s Cookbook Series….

For the Month of August
The ¡Salpicón! Cookbook
Contemporary Mexican Cuisine

by Priscila Satkoff & Vincent Satkoff

A native of Mexico City, Priscila admits to having becoming obsessed with educating the American public on the true art form of Mexican cuisine and the freshness of its flavors and dishes. And that she did. After spending many years in the kitchen of Rick Bayless’s Frontera Grill in Chicago, Priscila opened ¡Salpicón! in the mid 90’s with her husband.
After 22 years in Chicago, Priscila and Vincent closed ¡Salpicón! and headed to Mexico for their next adventure.

We chose this beautiful book from our collection as summer time is just bursting with gorgeous peppers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices, all the wonderful things that make Priscila’s food shine.

First Course
gazpacho mexicano con nieve de pepino y serrano
mexican-style gazpacho with spicy cucumber sorbet
tinga de puerco
shredded pork with roasted tomatoes and chipotle chiles
Second Course
pescado alcaparrado con chilacas rellenas
con arroz mexicano
fish in caper sauce with stuffed with green chilis and mexican rice
pato almendrado con frijoles charros
duck two ways in ancho-almond sauce with bacon and poblano chiles
flan de naranja
orange flavored flan

3 courses $38pp not including tax, gratuity,
beverages or additional items
The Why
Books have unquestionably long been a source of inspiration and refuge.
They take you to places you have never been, a magical journey that
can be enjoyed by many; yet the experience is so very personal.

In the years I have known Matt I have never seen him read a book that wasn’t about food.
I have tried many times to get him to read my classic favorites. In my mind I thought… he is missing out.“You would love it!” I can hear myself saying. “Just give it a chance I know you will be hooked.One little page, I swear, I’ll even read it to you.”
Well turns out folks that the enjoyment that I get from reading novels is pretty much akin to
the enjoyment he gets from reading cookbooks. For in them you will find excitement, discovery,different writing styles, romance, heartbreak, introduction to new cultures, learning new techniques,cliffhangers in awaiting the outcome, and marvelous pictures to boot… it is all there in the pages of cookbooks.

In all my past efforts in trying to engage him in reading something new, it was I that had a revelation and learned just how very precious, beautiful and inspirational cookbooks are. I would not trade his hundreds of cookbooks for anything. They are marvelous, and I get just as lost in their text as I do in Mr. Wilde’s. I can’t cook a lick mind you (for lack of trying mostly), but now I find myself saying “Can you just make this dish, this one little dish, from this tiny page right here, I’ll even wash the dishes.”

Cookbooks and nostalgia are inseparable. The memories of standing around the kitchen as a child, my mom with her Betty Crocker index card box bursting with scraps of paper adorned in past cooking memories of chocolate, sticky sauces, and child finger prints.
The food was almost secondary, it was the experience that was most memorable.

To kick off our Cookbook Series which started in May we thought it fitting to start at the beginning. For Matt, that was The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins; a staple in many of the kitchens of friends and colleagues we have spoken to.
This book, in addition to breaking cookbook sales records, brought the idea of entertaining to your home in away that was never done before. It opened a new way of discovering the wonders and power of food unlike any other book of its time.
The recipes are brilliant in their simplicity and classic in their approach.

So here we go, focusing on one cookbook a month (for as long as you will allow); interpreting various recipes,presenting them to you in a tasting menu (in addition to our regular menu) and see what stories we can tell.
In the words of Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins,
“like our country, our food is truly a blending of ethnic traditions, reflecting a mixture of heritages that we call our own.”
Amen. Let us begin.

The How
Call or make a reservation on-line, or just stop on by.
However you choose to come, please do.

The When
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week.

The Cookbook Tasting Menu will be available
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week we will offer a 3 course tasting
menu of different recipes interpreted by us from the Cookbook of the Month.
The menu will may change slightly each Tuesday.
The price is $38 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
We may also create cocktails and other libation pairings should you wish to partake (available in addition).
Next month we will choose a different book.

For Fun!
If you are reading this and you are thinking about your own cooking memories; those times spent with your grandparents roasting salted almonds; dog-earing a favorite cookbook; reminiscing about all those extraordinary things one did with Campbell’s mushroom soup. Then use Instagram and share a picture with a brief story with us at #chezpascalcookbookseries
and you might win a Gift Certificate.
We will pick one winner each month who will receive a Gift Certificate for $50 to
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen!

The Chezpron is Here!

Introducing The Chezpron
it’s not a pain in the neck
Designed by Matt Gennuso and made possible by many wonderful people
who took the idea out of his head and put it to fabric.

A truly comfortable and functional cook’s apron.
Whether you cook as a profession or cook for pleasure
our apron design will take the pressure off your neck;
eliminating fussing with your clothes and allowing your creativity to soar!

Designed in Rhode Island, manufactured with care
in New Bedford Massachusetts.

Available for purchase at STOCK 756 Hope Street,
at Chez Pascal, JB Prince in NYC,  or check out our online store at !
brought to you by neckless designs inc.

Valentine’s Day Wednesday, February 14th

Love is in the air
Wednesday, February 14th

Chez Pascal will be offering a special even more love filled menu for you to celebrate cupid’s fine aim with whomever pleases you most, maybe that person is just you.
Come one come all, we would love to see you!
We will be offering a 3 course menu, choices within each course,
$69 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.

Here is a little peak at the working menu…

appetizers for you to dream about

root vegetable and duck ragout, soft polenta, camembert cheese
& duck cracklings
celery root bisque with truffle butter, apples & chive oil
seared smoked trout fish cake with a salad of brussels sprouts and turnips
& creamy lemon-parmesan dressing
house made tagliatelle pasta with lobster, fennel, citrus & saffron crumbs
pork and chocolate sausage with avocado, queso fresco, black beans
& watercress
roasted mussels with paprika butter, sofrito & spicy sriracha mayo

entrees for you to love

roasted skate wing with grilled sweet potato, watermelon radish, napa cabbage,
sesame seeds, soy & scallions
braised beef short rib with flaky potato pie, bacon, kale
& red wine sauce
roasted pork loin with ‘stroganoff’ with spaetzle noodles, mushrooms,
onions & apples and persillade
seared scallops with chowder broth, squash puree
& crispy parsnips
and more delicious lovely bites (vegetarian too)

trio of desserts for your sweet

carrot cake, chocolate ganache & pistachio brittle
candied fennel and mascarpone terrine with saffron crème fraiche
& raisin compote
cinnamon & sugar profiterole with chocolate sorbet and caramel sauce

please note that that some items may change,
and some additions will come

This will be the only menu we will be offering
in Chez Pascal on that evening.
Also, The Wurst Kitchen WILL NOT be open on Valentine’s day night.

Reservations for Chez Pascal for Valentine’s Day can not be made through our website.
Please call us at 401-421-4422 and we will be happy to help!

Restaurant Weeks January 15th-January 27th

January 14th – January 27th
Chez Pascal will be participating every day that we are open.
We will be offering a 3 course menu, in addition to our regular menu,
for $34.95.
Perfect time to come out and see all the great restaurants
this city has to offer!

Zee Menu
please note that some items may change

3 courses  $ 34.95
all items are available à la carte
no substitutions please

seasonal bisque of the day
roasted mussels with garlic, mirepoix, parsley, and aioli
wild rice, quinoa & winter rye berry salad with brussels sprouts,
pomegranate seeds & goat cheese feta
country style pâté with cornichons, celery root & apple salad and grainy mustard

braised beef short rib bourguignon with RI grown mushrooms, onions,
bacon & potato purée
pat’s pastured braised chicken legs with fennel, turnips,
polenta & green olives
choucroute garni ~ brined pork loin, chez wurst, house kraut, potatoes,
Dijon & pickled mustard seeds
sautéed grey sole with butternut squash, sunchokes,
bok choy & kumquat compote
butternut squash & raclette cheese crêpe with a stew of squash,
pumpkin seeds,onions & raisin compote

warm apple, cranberry & pear crisp with caramel and whipped cream
profiteroles with paprika ice cream

please note that some items may change

New Year’s Eve * Once a Year Brunch!

And just like that it seems the end of the year is upon is.
Let us help you fill the last few weeks with happiness.
There is New Year’s Eve to think about, Brunch! And little treats along the way.
Enjoy yourself, take some time to find your footing before the hoopla takes over.

Join us as we wind down the year and gear up for the next!
Sunday, December 31st.
Join us as we embark on A New Year’s Culinary Journey!
Featuring some of our favorite dishes from some of our favorite regions.
Starting in New England we will then tip toe our way
through Italy & France.

Four course menu, choices within each course, except for the dessert which will highlight
all three regions on one delicious plate.
Here is a glimpse..
Please Note that some items may change
Classic New England clam chowder with
seared stuffie roulade and herb butter

Griddled cornmeal cake with RI mushrooms, rutabaga,
maple and cranberry glaze

Rigatoni bolognese with pork ragout,
ricotta salata,and house smoked paprika

Parsnip chitarra pasta with butternut squash, pistachio,
brown butter and sage

Chez antipasto $$ supplemental
Duck breast prosciutto
Pork tenderloin lomo
Chopped chicken liver crostini
Taleggio cheese
Marinated olives

Escarole and radicchio salad with dried pears, blue cheese,
garlic croutons and poppy seed dressing

House made paprika & local fennel sausage with polenta,
spicy red sauce & parmesan

cassoulet of pork, lamb sausage, flageolet beans
and herb bread crumbs

Bouillabaisse with clams, squid,cod, saffron,
garlic rouille and crostini

Duck a l’orange ~ duck breast and confit of leg,
glazed endive, fennel, seared potato cake,

Beef bourguignon ~ braised beef short rib with fingerling potatoes , mushrooms,
pearl onions and bacon

more creative items to come…

Highlights coming soon!
$69 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Reservations for New Year’s Eve cannot be made through our website.
Please call to make your reservation.


To make reservations for New Year’s Eve please call the restaurant.
Reservations cannot be made on–line for NYE.
***** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Our Once a Year BRUNCH!
Sunday, January 7th
Come see what fun we have with bacon and eggs!
A fun and tasty tradition, please call us for reservations!
Reservations for BRUNCH can not be made on-line.

Burger Nights * Cider* Holiday Craft Sale!

Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays
From our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!

The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!
When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
cider 2
Cider Celebration for November!
Cider has funk, class, sparkles and stillness. It can be sweet, dry and full of unusual, delicious and wacky flavors.
There is so much going on and so many styles to try, chances are your perfect cider friend is just waiting to be discovered.
We are on our way to showcase as many different ciders we can in the month.
Hailing from Spain, France, Vermont and Maine (to name a few), we are covering as much ground as an orchard full of fallen apples can.
A wonderful accompaniment to sausages, cheese, duck, pork belly and more.
Oh la la the cider celebration has begun!
Available by the flight, glass, carafe & bottle.
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

CPholidaycard_front (2)
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen
Sunday, November 26
Chez Pascal transforms into a strolling holiday shopping market.
Multiple local vendors, lots of unique gifts,
and The Wurst Kitchen & Bar will be OPEN!
11am – 3pm

CPholidaycard_back-1 (2)

* Burger Nights *

Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays
From our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!

The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!
When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.


Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays

And from our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!

The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!

When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.


Stay Tuned.

Monthly Monday Dinners*Restaurant Weeks

Monthly Monday Dinners at Chez Pascal
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen is now closed on Mondays until the Spring. We will miss you all terribly on Mondays, but we won’t be gone for long! To ease the parting for us, we will be having special dinners each month until May.
Each Monthly Monday dinner we will take a journey down a specific culinary path. The dinners will be offered on the last Monday of the month.
Coming up on January 30th will be our interpretation of a
New England Culinary Heritage Dinner.

practice: rutabaga pie with baking powder biscuits

New England is filled with many unique traditions distinct only to this region. Not the least of which is found in what we eat.  Adopted from many and cultivated and passed down through generations; New England cuisine is a melting pot of flavors from which emerged what we know today as quintessential New England fare.
Borrowing from our regional culinary heritage and expressed in our modern flare, join us as we take a gastronomical trip down baked bean lane, among others.
The dinners will be $49 per person for a 3 course menu, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Please do join us for these distinctive, fun, delicious dinners! Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at
401-421-4422. Or from the front page of our website!
The Menu
please note some items may change 

Smoked Frizzled Beef with Mushrooms & Toast Points
Rhode Island Johnnycakes with Fried Cod Cakes
& Cranberry Compote
Clam and Sunchoke Chowder with House Smoked Salt Pork,
Maine Yellow Eyed Beans and Herb Butter
Stuffed Quahogs

New England Boiled Dinner ~ Black Bird Farm Beef Brisket, Beef Consommé, Potatoes, Carrots & Mincemeat
Braised Chicken and Rutabaga Pie with Baking Powder Biscuits
Brown Bread Crusted Pork Cutlet with
Molasses Baked Beans & Pickled Cabbage
Baked Stuffed Lobster with Oyster Stuffing
$ supplemental
Braised Salt Cod, Parsnips, Kale and Hasty Pudding

Apple Pandowdy
Native American Indian Pudding
Maple Sugar Bread Pudding, Maple Ice Cream & Maple Custard

also ~ brown bread, apple butter, parker rolls

Monthly Monday Dinners on Deck
dates & details coming
*Italian Dinner MONDAY, MARCH 27TH
*Mexican Street Food Dinner, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH
  with our friend Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria
*Vegetarian Dinner MONDAY, APRIL 24TH
*** **** **** *** *** *** ***
We will be participating every day that we are open.
In addition to our regular menu we will be offering a
3 Course Menu for $34.95!
Starting January 17th – January 28th!
Reservations can be made online through our website.

Enjoy a cozy winter night with us!
Some items will be added and some items may change.
Sauerkraut and turnip soup with caraway biscuits, pickled mustard seeds
Roasted mussels with garlic, mirepoix, parsley, and aioli
Salad of bitter greens with pears, blue cheese and candied walnuts with pomegranate vinaigrette

House made sausages with mashed potatoes, wilted greens and prune sauce
Cloumage cheese and herb baked crêpe with Rhode Island grown mushrooms,
winter fruit mince meat compote
a delicious fish

Cinnamon sugar profiteroles with Apple pastry cream and coffee ice cream

New Year’s Eve * Wurst New Year * Brunch * Special Mondays!

Saturday, December 31st
Have The Wurst Kitchen for up to 16 people for a small private gathering!
The menu will be crafted to offer a selection of our delicious house made sausages,
small plates and sides served family style, and of course anything from our bar/drink/wine list.

The early time slot is booked, we still have the later time slot available!

Your party would start at 9:00pm until the ball drops.  ($525 minimum for food)
not including tax, gratuity or beverages

We ONLY have the second time available so don’t delay!
To book your Wurst New Year, reservations will be taken and confirmed in advance
with a credit card number.
Time frames must be adhered to in order to facilitate a smooth, happy wurst time.
Saturday, December 31st
Join us as we bid adieu to the old and
ring in the new!
We will be creating a special 3 course menu,
choices in each course, for you to choose from.
A Few Menu Highlights
please note that some items may change
and additions will be made

roasted littleneck clams, spicy paprika broth, grilled polenta, sea salty feta

potato & kale tart, warm raclette cheese, dijonnaise,
apple & radicchio salad

winter greens, persimmons, pecans, sunflower seeds,
yogurt dressing

mushroom bisque, fennel braised pork meatballs, herb ricotta

shrimp cocktail ~ spicy poached florida shrimp, chez cocktail sauce,
celery root & apple rémoulade
choucroute garni ~ house sauerkraut, local potatoes,
blackbird farm pork

local lamb stuffed belly roulade, braised shoulder,
celery root-potato gratin, roasted carrots

baked cod, pumpkin & golden raisin broth,
seared potato cake

fish stew, tarbais beans, fennel, saffron, garlic, focaccia

roasted ½ chicken, winter vegetables, honey, turnip purée,
green peppercorn sauce
plus more entree choices, including vegetarian
a selection of sweet new years’ treats!

$69 per person
not including tax gratuity or beverages
In addition to the menu,on the libation side,
we will be offering a delicious, bubbly array of
sparkling wines to be enjoyed by the glass, carafe, bottle or FLIGHT!
Starting in January, we will be CLOSED ON MONDAYS until the Spring.
We will miss you all terribly on Mondays, but we won’t be gone for long!
To ease the parting, we will be having special dinners on the last Monday of the month until May.
These dinners will be crafted around a particular theme.
For instance:
New England Inspired Dinner
Italian Dinner
Mexican Street Food Dinner with our friend Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria
Vegetarian Dinner

Our annual ONCE a YEAR brunch will be on…
Sunday, January 8th
10am – 2:00pm
Now taking reservations!