Cookbook Series! & Restaurant Weeks!

Chez Pascal’s Cookbook Series
We will resume our Cookbook Series after Restaurant Weeks ends.

The Why
Books have unquestionably long been a source of inspiration and refuge.
They take you to places you have never been, a magical journey that
can be enjoyed by many; yet the experience is so very personal.

In the years I have known Matt I have never seen him read a book that wasn’t about food.
I have tried many times to get him to read my classic favorites. In my mind I thought… he is missing out.“You would love it!” I can hear myself saying. “Just give it a chance I know you will be hooked.One little page, I swear, I’ll even read it to you.”
Well turns out folks that the enjoyment that I get from reading novels is pretty much akin to
the enjoyment he gets from reading cookbooks. For in them you will find excitement, discovery,different writing styles, romance, heartbreak, introduction to new cultures, learning new techniques,cliffhangers in awaiting the outcome, and marvelous pictures to boot… it is all there in the pages of cookbooks.

In all my past efforts in trying to engage him in reading something new, it was I that had a revelation and learned just how very precious, beautiful and inspirational cookbooks are. I would not trade his hundreds of cookbooks for anything. They are marvelous, and I get just as lost in their text as I do in Mr. Wilde’s. I can’t cook a lick mind you (for lack of trying mostly), but now I find myself saying “Can you just make this dish, this one little dish, from this tiny page right here, I’ll even wash the dishes.”

Cookbooks and nostalgia are inseparable. The memories of standing around the kitchen as a child, my mom with her Betty Crocker index card box bursting with scraps of paper adorned in past cooking memories of chocolate, sticky sauces, and child finger prints.
The food was almost secondary, it was the experience that was most memorable.

To kick off our Cookbook Series which started in May we thought it fitting to start at the beginning. For Matt, that was The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins; a staple in many of the kitchens of friends and colleagues we have spoken to.
This book, in addition to breaking cookbook sales records, brought the idea of entertaining to your home in away that was never done before. It opened a new way of discovering the wonders and power of food unlike any other book of its time.
The recipes are brilliant in their simplicity and classic in their approach.

So here we go, focusing on one cookbook a month (for as long as you will allow); interpreting various recipes,presenting them to you in a tasting menu (in addition to our regular menu) and see what stories we can tell.
In the words of Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins,
“like our country, our food is truly a blending of ethnic traditions, reflecting a mixture of heritages that we call our own.”
Amen. Let us begin.

The How
Call or make a reservation on-line, or just stop on by.
However you choose to come, please do.

The When
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week.

The Cookbook Tasting Menu will be available
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week we will offer a 3 course tasting
menu of different recipes interpreted by us from the Cookbook of the Month.
The menu will may change slightly each Tuesday.
The price is $38 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
We may also create cocktails and other libation pairings should you wish to partake (available in addition).
Next month we will choose a different book.

For Fun!
If you are reading this and you are thinking about your own cooking memories; those times spent with your grandparents roasting salted almonds; dog-earing a favorite cookbook; reminiscing about all those extraordinary things one did with Campbell’s mushroom soup. Then use Instagram and share a picture with a brief story with us at #chezpascalcookbookseries
and you might win a Gift Certificate.
We will pick one winner each month who will receive a Gift Certificate for $50 to
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen!


3 Course menu $34.95. Not including tax, gratuity or beverages

The Menu    please note that some items may change

Sautéed squid salad with zucchini, tomato, goat’s milk feta & meyer lemon dressing
Buffalo mozzarella with mushroom ragout, walnut oil & migas
Chilled potato soup with rose petal syrup, puffed spaetzle, bacon & scallions

Ham brined pork loin with braised potatoes, onions, carrots & maple bourbon sauce
Fish soup with fennel, leeks, zucchini, mussels, monkfish & striped bass collar meat
Summer vegetable galette with ricotta cheese, garden herbs, local radicchio & frisee salad

Blueberry crêpes with caramel, cream cheese mousse & pistachio brittle
Warm chocolate chocolate cookie ‘sundae’ with mint ice cream, cherry compote,
toasted oats & chocolate sauce

all items are available á la carte. no substitutions please.