Friday, March 20 TO GO options

Hello all! You continue to fill us with inspiration and strength!
The rain sort of goes with the mood:) However it is also very cleansing too.
Still getting our systems down here. Hats off to all the techy people out there!
More on all the amazing folks who are helping us with encouragement and love.
I have to get this email out.. and there is so much to say and I promise I will put it all together:) I just hit send on my last payroll. I never thought that would make me emotional.
Eeks I have to send this… more later.
Keep your spirits up! There is a long road ahead and we are all needed to get through it together.
Blessings to you all.
Here we TO-GO…
Each day we will offer a special pre cooked meal to go.
Please check our news and events page on our website for info.
See our post on our website if you want further details.
Facebook, twitter and instagram.. buttons located at the bottom of this post.
As it is only Matt and I here, we will only be able to take pre-paid/pre ordered take out as we will be making items to order based on amounts ordered.
Thank you so much too for your interest in our house made sausages to take home. We are working on making that happen. Stay tuned.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to come and pick up without
pre ordering. And we can not take phone orders either.
Here are tomorrow’s, Friday, March 20, TO-GO offerings:
* Mixed Greens (fresh delicious greens!) with Raw Celery Root
& a Creamy Dill Dressing
This is a single serving portion
$9.72 includes tax
* Bacon Wrapped Pork Meatloaf with Molasses Baked Beans
and Wilted Brassica Greens.
This is designed to feed 2 people (but truly depends on your appetite)
$28.08 includes tax.
* Soup ~ 1 Quart of Maine White Beans, Root Vegetables & Kale Soup
$15.12 includes tax.
*Coleslaw ~ 1 pint
$6.48 includes tax.
To give you access to order online, we decided to use our Chezpron online account for TO-GO orders.  Click on SHOP NOW once you get there.
Unfortunately we can not take phone call orders. Apologies too as food does not photograph well in those tin containers:)
Orders have to be placed in advance so that we will know how many to prepare, and just be aware that there is a limit to our supply as it is just Matt and I now.
Place your orders between now and 2pm on Friday, March 20.
I know it reads harshly, but we can make this work if we all work together:
*Please pick up your order anytime between 4:30 pm – 7pm on Friday 3/20.
*Come to The Wurst Window. Food will be handed to you out the Wurst Window.
*Simply come up, let me know who you are, and we will hand you your bag of goodies.
*If there is anyone else at the window when you pull up we ask that you PLEASE stay in your car until they have left, and then proceed to the window. NO LINES can be formed. We will adhere to this very strictly and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation immensely.
*No one can come in the restaurant, most sorry.
*Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions at this time.
You are all crazy beautiful people.
Keep being clean, much love,
Kristin and Matt