Grand Opening of New Space!

Sunday, April 14th
Do join us as we show off the new space!
3pm – 6pm
We will have a Cash Bar, Music from the stairs from the incredible DJ Kluv, and a few things coming out of The Wurst Kitchen


In October of last year we started work on our new project. An idea born out of a desire to breathe new life into our small space and our minds. An undertaking so vast, for us anyway, but one we felt so necessary, such that the enormity of the construction project did not even register on the stress level scale.
When Matt and I first took to tearing down the old drop ceiling we did it without the slightest bit of doubt whilst staring straight into the unknown.
When the time is right for something the steps one must take to get there don’t stand in your way. It has been long, but how could it not be, and the result we think you will see is spectacular.

We would love to welcome you this coming Sunday to enjoy the amazing craftpersonship of Andy Tower of HB Archive and his incredible team. His vision, enthusiasm, kindness and meticulous attention to detail are what made what once was a dream a reality.
My most favorite conversation with Andy was our first one. When I told him we were interested in renovating he said “Why, what you have here is so special why would you want to change it?”
He got it, and I knew we were in good hands.


From the first time we stepped into Chez Pascal as new owners in 2003 we have been blessed to have the help of family in friends along the way. This new project was no different.
You will see the beautiful tables that Matt’s father Michael built with him from wood that was taken out of the ceiling. Wood that had to be painstakingly stripped, sanded and held together for months before they were done. They are a beautiful remembrance of the old space and a glorious tribute to the new.

Within our amazing staff walk some incredible artists.
We asked Seth McCombs, Deb Hickey and Mark Riendeau to collaborate on a mural for the new space. At this typing it is not complete, but just you wait and see what they have done. We couldn’t be happier to be honored with their work on the new walls.

The new Garden Room houses a staircase to our roof garden
(most sorry, it is for garden staffers and not for customers at this time) where Matt and our team will continue to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers but will now have the most fantastic way to get there instead of the rickety lean-to ladder Matt has been
using for the past few years.
The Wurst Kitchen is still where it once was, the only remaining survivor of the demolition. Adding to this room is a new little Wurst Marketplace where we will be showcasing our house made sausages, frankfurters, savory pies, flowers, plants, condiments, Chezprons and soon to be canned products for you to purchase!

Going forward, as it has been since the renovation started in October, both The Wurst Kitchen menu and the Chez Pascal menu will be available anywhere you sit, whether it be in the new space or the old.
We will have some exciting new menu ideas coming too.
Also, in the works will be some great cooking classes and container gardening classes with our local farmers.

Change happens. Sometimes it catches you off guard, sometimes it is ushered in. We are thrilled that our change will offer something new and different for some, while still keeping the old space for those who wish to remain in their tried and true comfortable surroundings.
Sometimes, just sometimes, the best of both worlds is possible.

Matt and I continue to be humbled and so utterly grateful to be part of such a supportive community; to come from families that just pour out the help, whose wells never ever seem to run dry; and to walk among the most lovely, encouraging, make us want to be better staff that one could ever dream of.
This one is for all of you.