Ham Jam 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014
The Met (at The Hope Artist Village)
1005 Main Street
Pawtucket RI

What in the world is Ham Jam?
Ham Jam was formed after a gathering of food dedicated individuals
discovered they happened to share the same passion for music as
they did for cooking;
and thus, emerging from some of the great kitchens in Rhode Island,
a music event was born.
This Ham Jam will bring together four bands for one night of delicious music.
The lineup is:

The piano team of Mark Taber and his son Sam
will delight and amaze with their fluid, jaw dropping piano performance.

WD & the DBC will get you moving to their sweet melodious tunes.
The DBC’s are:
Wade Devers
Scott Doggett
Bill Jette
Jen Macpherson
John Simpson

The kitchen band, Turn for the Wurst,
will put down their knives and pick up their instruments for a whole new style of cooking.
They are:
Brian Gibney, Chez Pascal, vocals, guitar
Champe Spiedel, Persimmon, drums
Derek Wagner, Nicks on Broadway, guitar, vocals
Kyle Kerstetter, Persimmon, bass
Mark Riendeau, Chez Pascal, vocals, guitar
Matt Gennuso, Chez Pascal, banjo, trombone
Mauricio Ossa, Chez Pascal, trumpet
Kristin Gennuso, Chez Pascal, harmonica
Michael Urso, Chez Pascal alumni, trombone
Mark Taber, kitchen band honorary member

And this year we are thrilled to welcome Providence’s own
Smith & Weeden. If you haven’t heard them yet,
you must and once you do you will be hooked.
They are:
Jesse Emmanuel Smith
Seamus Weeden
Ollie Williams
Dylan Sevey

Plus the Met brings with it, its own perfect charm.
Also joining us on the culinary side, Tallulah’s Tacos
will be selling some fantastic food from the Met kitchen.
Doors Open at 5:30, music starts at 6:30

This is Ham Jam.

tickets are $5 plus service fee.