Our menus follow closely in the French tradition with an emphasis on local,
seasonal ingredients whenever possible. They do change often, so please call us at
401-421-4422 to learn of any changes that may not be reflected here.

Please note that outside food (including cakes) and beverages(including wine)
are not permitted to be served in the restaurant.

Monday nights are BURGER night at Chez Pascal!
Our delicious Burgers will be available in addition
to our regular seasonal Chez Pascal Menu.
Only on Mondays!


Coming soon.. a new website that will do justice to all the newness happening.
Until then…..

The Wurst Kitchen & The Chez Pascal Menu
are available in whichever dining room or seat you sit in!
Take a look! Please note that some items may change.

Chez Pascal Appetizers
selection of house made pâtés & charcuterie*….19
*some items on this plate are not fully cooked *
additional requests for house made bread & crackers are $1.50

tarte flambée ~ crispy alsatian style flatbread with onions,
bacon, blue cheese, crème fraiche & apples … 15

warm salad of red cabbage with apples, kale, walnuts & a savory blue cheese flan …14

roasted mussels with garlic, parsley, mirepoix, pernod & aïoli …14

marinated beet salad with charred green cabbage,
spiced almonds & paprika hummus …13

onion soup gratinée with an herb crouton & gruyère cheese ….12.25

escargots a la bourguignonne with warm garlic & parsley scented brioche …..13
~traditional escargot baked with garlic, parsley and pernod butter~

selection of cheeses with tasty cheese accompaniments ~
three cheeses ….16 or five cheeses …21
please inquire about our daily selections
additional basket of our house bread & crackers are $1.50

The Wurst Kitchen Frankfurters
House made frankfurters. Served on a toasted bun.

The Matt ~ coleslaw, bacon jam & tomato preserve ….6
The BenJammin ~ white beans, wilted greens & aioli .…6
The Alanna ~ potato salad, hot sauce & raw onion ….6
The Frankfurter ~ plain or you can add yellow mustard, ketchup or onion ….4.25

The Wurst Kitchen Sausage Boards
House made sausages. Served sliced and out of the bun.
Includes two condiments from below

Lamb Kielbasa ~ style: smoked, with ground lamb, coarsely ground, medium texture .…10
Chorizo ~ style: lightly smoked , spanish pimenton & smoked paprika ….10
Beer Bratwurst ~ style: unsmoked with caraway & oregano,
poached in beer and onions ….10

Additional Condiments Available for your Sausage or Frankfurter

  • + .25
    chez pickle relish
    chez sweet red pepper relish
    chez mustard
    beer onions
  • + .50
    chez curry onion sauce
    chez chili
    chez cheese sauce
  • +.75
    chez bacon jam
    chez chow chow


Chez Pascal Entrées

roasted duck breast and duck sausage with vermont polenta,
braised red cabbage & sour cherry sauce….32

seared beef brisket with potato gratin, root vegetables,
horseradish crème fraiche & red wine sauce …28

roasted half chicken with roasted potatoes, house sauerkraut
& a white wine grainy mustard sauce …27.50

seared sea scallops with parsnip & rutabaga stew,
wilted greens & arugula pistou …28

sautéed cod filet with tarbais beans , cauliflower,
pickled chow chow & a salad of shaved fennel and apples…28

house sauerkraut, potato & raclette cheese turnover with
mushroom ragout & wilted kale….22

Chez Pasta
ziti with a ragout of hopkins southdowns lamb, pancetta, chili flake & parmesan …..12/24

garganelli with duck confit, green olives, prunes, capers & olive oil migas ….14/28

ricotta gnudi with leeks, green cabbage, brown butter,
sage & grated goat cheese …. 13/26

The Wurst Kitchen Sandwiches & Such
warm and delicious house made buttermilk biscuit with seasoned butter……………4.50

baked spaetzle with sausage, rutabaga, béchamel & herb bread crumbs…….14
NO sausage ….12

black bean veggie burger with sweet pepper relish, cheddar cheese
& bitter greens……………11

bacon wrapped pork meatloaf sandwich with coleslaw & spicy fig compote…………….11

pork butt pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut, swiss & dijon …………..11

stuffies with our house made sausage ….5.25

‘frito’ pie ~ chili spiced crispy crêpes, cheese sauce, sausage,
pepper relish & scallions …13


a tasting of three french custards    11

  • butterscotch pudding
  • lavender crème brulée
  • cinnamon crème caramel

house made vermouth $11gls ~ delicately sweet + not too bitter, just the ticket

pear upside down cake with crumbled blue cheese, walnuts,
caramel sauce & crème fraiche …..11
lustau, don nuño, dry oloroso, sherry, spain, $11gls ~ rich, dry with a hint of sweetness, nutty

chocolate terrine with a ricotta-caramel crémeux, chocolate sauce
& pumpkin seed – cranberry brittle…13
king’s county chocolate whiskey, new york $10gls ~ warming, chocolate, deliciously dry

profiteroles with hazelnut ice cream, hazelnut purée & caramel sauce ….12
fenouillet, muscat de beaumes de venise, france $11gls ~ honey, peach, juicy apricot, harmonious acidity

chez pascal’s seasonal sorbets ….9.75
glass of sparkling wine, $11gls

wurst chocolate chip cookie à la mode ….7
when available

a selection of cheeses with tasty cheese accompaniments*

  • choice of three cheeses    15
  • five cheeses    20

additional basket of bread & crackers are $1.50
mjödhamnen, höst i vänge, mead, sweden $11gls ~ glorious sweet fall honey wine
bodegas osborne, pedro ximénez 1827 sherry, spain, $10gls ~ rich with sweet raisin notes
the pairings can be many, port, cider orange wine and any of the above. let your palate decide.

Every Season in New England brings with it a new perspective. Our mindset changes, our clothes change, light changes and our food inevitably follows suit.
SPRING is tip toeing its way through our back yards and farmers markets. Making sure not to disturb our cool mornings and brisk walks all too soon.
No, Spring is a gift of patience. A season that encourages us to wait… and then wait just a bit more. It teases us with the delicate buds slowly forming on our favorite cherry trees. Evokes a smile when the striking blue petal of a crocus catches our eye. It makes us think of the beauty that is coming. It gives us pause, no rushing here, enjoy the moment.

As we take our cue from this special season, let patience be our guide. Remembering fondly the fantastic asparagus from Four Town Farm,
and knowing it will find its way to our back door soon. Keep your sweaters next to your short drawer and share a smile with each new bud you see.