Summer … 2017 Menu

Our menus follow closely in the French tradition with an emphasis on local,
seasonal ingredients whenever possible. They do change often, so please call us at
401-421-4422 to learn of any changes that may not be reflected here.

Please note that outside food (including cakes) and beverages
are not permitted to be served in the restaurant.

Monday nights are BURGER night at Chez Pascal!
Our delicious Burgers will be available in addition
to our regular seasonal Chez Pascal Menu.
Only on Mondays!


selection of cheeses with tasty cheese accompaniments

  • choice of three cheeses    15
  • five cheeses    20

additional basket of bread & crackers $1.50

selection of house made pâtés & charcuterie* 18.25
some items on this plate are not fully cooked *
additional basket of bread & crackers $1.50

chopped bok choy salad,
beets, radishes, rye berries, peach compote 13

onion soup gratinée, herb crouton, gruyère cheese 12.25

seasonal bisque of the day 13.50

sautéed squid, salad of beluga lentils, feta, cucumbers,
creamy herb dressing 14

escargots a la bourguignonne with warm garlic & parsley scented brioche 13


grilled skirt steak, potato gratin, carrots, onions, tomato preserve 29.25

crispy duck leg confit, roasted duck breast,
braised napa cabbage, cherries 30.25

roasted chicken, soft polenta, braised local fennel 27.50

grilled swordfish, zucchini & corn stew, spicy cilantro chimichurri 30


a tasting of three french custards    11

  • pistachio flan
  • classic crème brulée
  • coffee crème caramel

chez pascal’s seasonal sorbets    9.5

pear upside down cake, great hill blue cheese, walnuts,
caramel sauce & crème fraiche 11

warm profiterole sundae, with brownie ice cream,
chocolate sauce, whipped cream & house made maraschino cherries *** 11
***please note ~ our maraschino cherries are made with almond extract***

turnover of local sour cherries
with toasted oats & chamomile ice cream 12

a selection of cheeses with tasty cheese accompaniments*

  • choice of three cheeses    15
  • five cheeses    20

Every Season in New England brings with it a new perspective. Our mindset changes, our clothes change, light changes and our food inevitably follows suit.
SUMMER has a way of bringing out the best in so many things. From the Farmers’ Markets and the beaches to the festivals and the long warm nights.
Rhode Island is just booming with activity. The bevy of local produce is finding its way to our local farmers and purveyors and ultimately our menus.
We love the seasons here! Summer gives us warmth, so to eat we think cool. Beautiful produce requires just a delicate touch before it meets the plate so
as not to compete with any of the wonderful, fresh, vibrant flavors it has to offer. Simplicity is best, let the beet, or that perfectly ripe, juicy strawberry do the talking. Summer is fleeting but there are so many wonderful places it can take you.
So get out and enjoy a stroll in the park, plant a garden, read that book you have been waiting to read, and somewhere in the middle stop by Chez Pascal
or The Wurst Kitchen and see where summer has taken us.

Always evolving as local produce becomes available, our Summer menu awaits your arrival.