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Monthly Monday Dinners at Chez Pascal
Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen is now closed on Mondays until the Spring. We will miss you all terribly on Mondays, but we won’t be gone for long! To ease the parting for us, we will be having special dinners each month until May.
Each Monthly Monday dinner we will take a journey down a specific culinary path. The dinners will be offered on the last Monday of the month.
Coming up on January 30th will be our interpretation of a
New England Culinary Heritage Dinner.

practice: rutabaga pie with baking powder biscuits

New England is filled with many unique traditions distinct only to this region. Not the least of which is found in what we eat.  Adopted from many and cultivated and passed down through generations; New England cuisine is a melting pot of flavors from which emerged what we know today as quintessential New England fare.
Borrowing from our regional culinary heritage and expressed in our modern flare, join us as we take a gastronomical trip down baked bean lane, among others.
The dinners will be $49 per person for a 3 course menu, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Please do join us for these distinctive, fun, delicious dinners! Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at
401-421-4422. Or from the front page of our website!
The Menu
please note some items may change 

Smoked Frizzled Beef with Mushrooms & Toast Points
Rhode Island Johnnycakes with Fried Cod Cakes
& Cranberry Compote
Clam and Sunchoke Chowder with House Smoked Salt Pork,
Maine Yellow Eyed Beans and Herb Butter
Stuffed Quahogs

New England Boiled Dinner ~ Black Bird Farm Beef Brisket, Beef Consommé, Potatoes, Carrots & Mincemeat
Braised Chicken and Rutabaga Pie with Baking Powder Biscuits
Brown Bread Crusted Pork Cutlet with
Molasses Baked Beans & Pickled Cabbage
Baked Stuffed Lobster with Oyster Stuffing
$ supplemental
Braised Salt Cod, Parsnips, Kale and Hasty Pudding

Apple Pandowdy
Native American Indian Pudding
Maple Sugar Bread Pudding, Maple Ice Cream & Maple Custard

also ~ brown bread, apple butter, parker rolls

Monthly Monday Dinners on Deck
dates & details coming
*Italian Dinner MONDAY, MARCH 27TH
*Mexican Street Food Dinner, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH
  with our friend Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria
*Vegetarian Dinner MONDAY, APRIL 24TH
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We will be participating every day that we are open.
In addition to our regular menu we will be offering a
3 Course Menu for $34.95!
Starting January 17th – January 28th!
Reservations can be made online through our website.

Enjoy a cozy winter night with us!
Some items will be added and some items may change.
Sauerkraut and turnip soup with caraway biscuits, pickled mustard seeds
Roasted mussels with garlic, mirepoix, parsley, and aioli
Salad of bitter greens with pears, blue cheese and candied walnuts with pomegranate vinaigrette

House made sausages with mashed potatoes, wilted greens and prune sauce
Cloumage cheese and herb baked crêpe with Rhode Island grown mushrooms,
winter fruit mince meat compote
a delicious fish

Cinnamon sugar profiteroles with Apple pastry cream and coffee ice cream