New Year’s Eve * Once a Year Brunch!

And just like that it seems the end of the year is upon is.
Let us help you fill the last few weeks with happiness.
There is New Year’s Eve to think about, Brunch! And little treats along the way.
Enjoy yourself, take some time to find your footing before the hoopla takes over.

Join us as we wind down the year and gear up for the next!
Sunday, December 31st.
Join us as we embark on A New Year’s Culinary Journey!
Featuring some of our favorite dishes from some of our favorite regions.
Starting in New England we will then tip toe our way
through Italy & France.

Four course menu, choices within each course, except for the dessert which will highlight
all three regions on one delicious plate.
Here is a glimpse..
Please Note that some items may change
Classic New England clam chowder with
seared stuffie roulade and herb butter

Griddled cornmeal cake with RI mushrooms, rutabaga,
maple and cranberry glaze

Rigatoni bolognese with pork ragout,
ricotta salata,and house smoked paprika

Parsnip chitarra pasta with butternut squash, pistachio,
brown butter and sage

Chez antipasto $$ supplemental
Duck breast prosciutto
Pork tenderloin lomo
Chopped chicken liver crostini
Taleggio cheese
Marinated olives

Escarole and radicchio salad with dried pears, blue cheese,
garlic croutons and poppy seed dressing

House made paprika & local fennel sausage with polenta,
spicy red sauce & parmesan

cassoulet of pork, lamb sausage, flageolet beans
and herb bread crumbs

Bouillabaisse with clams, squid,cod, saffron,
garlic rouille and crostini

Duck a l’orange ~ duck breast and confit of leg,
glazed endive, fennel, seared potato cake,

Beef bourguignon ~ braised beef short rib with fingerling potatoes , mushrooms,
pearl onions and bacon

more creative items to come…

Highlights coming soon!
$69 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Reservations for New Year’s Eve cannot be made through our website.
Please call to make your reservation.


To make reservations for New Year’s Eve please call the restaurant.
Reservations cannot be made on–line for NYE.
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Our Once a Year BRUNCH!
Sunday, January 7th
Come see what fun we have with bacon and eggs!
A fun and tasty tradition, please call us for reservations!
Reservations for BRUNCH can not be made on-line.