Austrian Celebration * Holiday Craft Show

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Austrian Food & Wine Celebration
Last year Matt and I went on a marvelous adventure in Alsace France. From the second we arrived back home, we wondered how we would ever top that experience, and thus started scheming about how we could do it again.
This past September we did, and this time in Austria. A walking hiking excursion from town to town; passing through vineyards, forests, mountains, and charming villages along the Danube River. It was a remarkable setting, and like Alsace, one we will not forget. Along the way we thought of you and how we would love to celebrate this great region’s food & wine back home.
So once again we would love to share a small piece of our experience with you this November as we incorporate Austrian recipes into our menu, borrowing from their heritage expressed in ours.
The celebration of course would not be complete without a fine showing of Austrian wines. A very important part of their culture evident everywhere we went. So do come out and try some new delicious items and have fun with the wines.

The Menu
Please Note that some items may change

Savory side

clear duck soup with crêpe noodles   $10

viennese style frankfurter with fresh horseradish, mustard & carrot salad  $12

cheese spaetzle with bacon & spinach   $12.5

viennese style beef gulasch with semmelknödel    $26
semmelknödel are bread dumplings

wiener schnitzel vom schwein with potatoes and sauerkraut     $24

sweeter side

apfelstrudel ~ apple strudel with raisins, walnuts & whipped cream   $10

The Austrian Menu will be offered in addition to our Regular Menu


11:00AM – 3:00PM


On this day the restaurant is transformed into
a strolling holiday bazaar.
Shop for gifts created by local artists, take a chance on a raffle,
eat at the Wurst Kitchen and the bar will be OPEN!