Response to Closure… Take Out


Me again.

If you have not heard, it is now mandatory that all restaurants, bars, coffee shops, be closed for the next two weeks, at least. We completely support the governor’s decision and think it is the correct course of action at this time. We commend her and her team for grappling with these horrible choices and keeping a calm head in doing so. A crisis wouldn’t be worthy of its name if it did not have a plethora of uncertain moving parts swirling about.

We really need to kick the crown off of this virus!.
So that picture up there is of my family, myself and Matt 17 years ago today. My Grams has since passed, and my sister’s kids are now in college, and we are still here😊. We opened Chez Pascal 17 years ago on this date! The other little clip is from my diary of that day. I still keep a diary and write down how many people came in, what was going on in the world, the weather etc. I’m not quite sure what to write in today’s entry. I feel like I am in someone else’s life at the moment, and that someone isn’t very helpful; I need to talk to her about that.
Currently, TO-GO and delivery of food is allowed to continue. At present we feel this is a great option for people who can’t cook, or get to the grocery, and maybe alleviate a bit of that chaos happening at the markets. We want/need to do something to help. It is not for monetary reasons on our part, as that ship is going to need much more support which will hopefully come very very soon for small businesses.
We are going to do prepared meals TO-GO out the Wurst Window. Pre cooked, you just need to take it home and reheat. Matt is hard at work as I type making Corned Beef and Cabbage with Potatoes and Carrots. Later on in the week, maybe, as each day brings its own set of challenges, we will roast Chickens that we got from Pat’s Pastured. The need for comfort food has never been greater. We hope to provide a little bit of relief for you as we all struggle through this unprecedented time. I will send out an email and post on our webpage, and Matt will do the Twitter, Instagram thing each day to let you know what is available.
To give you access to order online, we decided to use our Chezpron online account for TO-GO orders.  I apologize in advance for any visual confusion, you can now purchase an apron and a Corned Beef Dinner on the same order page… so that’s kind of fun. Click on SHOP NOW once you get there.
If you have difficulty navigating, please call the restaurant and leave a message and I will do my best to get back to you.
We will only be able to take pre-paid/ pre-ordered To-Go orders as we will be making items to order, based on amounts ordered. Unfortunately, you will not be able to come and pick up without pre-ordering.

Please place your orders in advance so that we will know how many to prepare, and just be aware that there is a limit to our supply as it is just Matt and I now.  Breaks my heart to not have our Chez family with us, but we are working hard here so that we can get them back when this passes. I know some of you consider them family too, please know that we will not let anything happen to them, we love them beyond the moon, they are not alone.
Place your orders between now and 2pm on Tuesday, March 17.
I know it reads harshly, but we can make this work if we all work together:
*Please pick up your order anytime between 4:30 pm – 7pm on Tuesday 3/17.
*Come to The Wurst Window. Food will be handed to you out the Wurst Window.
*Simply come up, let me know who you are, and we will hand you your bag of goodies.
*If there is anyone else at the window when you pull up we ask that you PLEASE stay in your car until they have left, and then proceed to the window. NO LINES can be formed. We will adhere to this very strictly and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation immensely.
*No one can come in the restaurant, most sorry.
*Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions at this time.
For Tomorrow, March 17th, the TO-GO offerings are:
* House Corned Beef and Cabbage with Potatoes, Carrots and a jar of our House Mustard. This is designed to feed 2 people (but truly depends on your appetite) $27 includes tax.
* Soup ~ 1 Quart of Mushroom and White Bean Soup. This is Vegetarian.
$15.12 includes tax.
* Soup ~ 1 Quart of Sweet Potato Bisque. This is Vegetarian
$15.12 includes tax.
Thank you so very much for your continued support. These last few days have been so hard but yet so amazingly uplifting. I know what I am going to write in my diary now… same thing.. funny enough, it was there all along. Same as it was 17 years ago. Friends and family.
Keep being clean, much love,
Kristin and Matt