it’s really about the food and fun anyway

This is an interior shot of our
Super Bowl Savory Pie!

Note the Oozy Blue Cheese with
Celery Root & Buffalo Chicken

that’s all the football lingo I know

That shiny ramekin of our house made buffalo sauce
is cooked with the chicken.Not part of the pie purchase.

Now taking orders for our Savory Buffalo Chicken Pie!

Buffalo Chicken with Celery Root, Vegetables & Blue Cheese
nestled so deliciously in our Flaky Pie Dough.

The price is $35, paid in advance.
there is a limit to our pie production so don’t wait until it is too late

The Pie is 9 inches in diameter and already cooked,
you just need to heat it up in a 350 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes
until hot and serve.

Serves 8 – 10, people depending on the size of your appetite.

Place your orders now until noon on Friday, January 31st.
Pick up your pie between 4pm – 9:30pm on Saturday, February 1st.

To Order You May:
*Come on by in person during our business hours, order, pay and then get ready to pick up your pie on Saturday, February 1st.

*Call us on the phone during business hours, or leave a message and we will call you back. Provide us with your contact and payment information and then plan your spot on the table for its arrival.

*Order On-line ~ Same fancy footwork from last time. We retrofitted our
On-Line Gift Cert Ordering (which is processed securely through our Chezpron Shopify site).

If you want to Order On-Line please read the following information:

1) Go to our website (if you are reading this you are probably here) and choose the option to purchase a Chez Pascal Gift Card.
2) In the ‘amount’ field, choose the very last entry of $35.
3) Select the Quantity. (how many you would like)
4) In the ‘Mail Gift Certificate to:’ field choose ‘Someone Else’
5) In the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields just write Pie
6) Fill in the Address Info, you have to but know it won’t be delivered to you in the mail.
7) Proceed to Check out and fill in your contact info and credit card info from there.
8) We will then contact you via email, or phone, with a confirmation and other information.

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hot dogs, sausages and more!

P.S.S. Something else that will make your party shine,
you showing up in a Chezpron!
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Sweet Pickled Kelp Relish
Chow Chow
Watermelon Radish Relish
Roof Top Garden Paprika
Bacon Jam & Joyce’s Mustard (house mustard)

available now!