The Renovation Project 2018-2019

Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen Renovation Project 2018-2019
Chapter One
A long time ago, on a street corner on the East Side, we happened upon a restaurant for sale. The interior was charming with its wood trim, old tin ceiling, and comfortable bar; not to mention the cozy neighborhood setting. We fell in love with the space and set our sail for Providence. Although the process for purchasing the restaurant took months, once we closed we flipped the restaurant from the old owners to us and opened within five days of the changeover.
In those five days we were blessed with the help of friends and family, tirelessly working through the night to add our own touches to the space. I distinctly remember my mom and I deciding what to do with an old screen divider. I knew we needed it, but it required some work to make it a bit more presentable.
She ran out and grabbed some fabric, we didn’t know how to sew so she put that fabric on with little sewing pins. “This is only temporary,” we both said. Once we got going we will get something else and retire this piece was our thinking.  Well one week turned into two, and two to four, and now fifteen years later I still have that piece, the same sewing pins still intact holding onto that fabric we both deemed as temporary. It has made its way to the basement a few times, again with the notion its job was done, only to be pulled back into action for one reason or another.
The thing is, running a business becomes a juggling act each day, each hour even, of deciding what is priority and what isn’t. That little room divider would be on the top of the list at the beginning of the day, only to find itself at the bottom as other more important things would come up and take its place. Then its priority status simply disappeared, and it became a fixture that no longer seemed important. I would walk by it sometimes, smile and say in my head, some day I will get rid of you.
That piece, and others like it, coupled with the sheer desire for change that has been growing for some time, spurred our desire to just really jump into the idea of renovating the restaurant. So off we went, our steadfast bank, Coastway Community Bank, granted us a loan, we found an amazing designer in Andrew Tower of HB Design and Build and now we are in it folks!
It is official, there is a dumpster full of debris as I type, and an excitement in the air of what is to come.  Please have no fear however, we are still here and open.  I will outline below the process. But know that even though the space will look a little different, we are very careful about not making it feel different. It simply just won’t be. We don’t want that, our wonderful staff doesn’t want that, nor do our lovely customers and our architect won’t let it happen.
We hope you continue to frequent Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen as we undergo this project and join us on our new adventure!
What you need to know:
Renovations are starting in the Wurst Kitchen side of the restaurant.
The Wurst Kitchen will still be  however, The Wurst Kitchen food will be created out of the Chez Pascal Kitchen for the time being.
The Wurst Window may or may not be open due to construction, but you can still come in and order inside and take it to go if you wish!
Because The Wurst Kitchen itself is non operational for the time being, this means that both menus, Chez Pascal  & The Wurst Kitchen will be available to all for dinner in the Chez Pascal dining room Tuesday- Saturday! The best of both worlds will now not just be limited to the bar or the outside patio.  This will be a new production system for us so it might take a few days to get the timing right, we are grateful for your understanding.
Just keep in mind that we are now limited in dining space (only the Chez Pascal side will be operational for a bit). We still love the pop in, but certainly feel free to call to make reservations, or call ahead to see if there is a wait, as our seating is now half the size it used to be.
The Design in a nutshell:
1) The Side Dining room (a.k.a. The Wurst Kitchen side) is getting windows & a head house with stairs to our roof garden (not for dining sorry)
2) A small market area will be created showcasing our house made sausage and hot dogs
3) New floors, new tables, new bar
We shall keep you posted as to the progress, our hope is that we will remain open during construction, as the side dining room is being worked on the Chez side will be operational, as the Chez side is being worked on the Side Dining Room Wurst side will be operational.
We are extremely excited and hugely thankful for your support in allowing us to continue to do what we love.
Kristin & Matt Gennuso
a model of things to come…..