Tomato Dinner * Burger Nights * Lobster Roll Summer

Our Annual Tomato Dinner!
Provided all those lovely tomatoes grow big & strong,

the date of this year’s  Tomato Dinner will be….
Wednesday, September 6th!!


chez pascal’s roof top tomato, pepper & herb garden


5 Courses. All incorporating the Tomato!

$75 per person (not including tax, gratuity or beverages)
This is one of our favorite special dinners.
And a wonderful favorite of yours too we hear,
for which we are most grateful.
The Tomato Dinner Menu will be the only Menu
we will be offering that evening.  Menu thoughts will be coming soon.

The Wurst Kitchen will not be open on Tomato Dinner Night.

Due to the special nature of this menu we unfortunately
will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions.
please note too that this is not a vegetarian dinner.

Now accepting reservations.
Please call after 3pm or leave a message if calling before and
we will be happy to return your call.
Please note reservations for the Tomato Dinner
must be made via phone. NOT on-line.

So mark your calendars and prepare
yourself for summer’s bounty!
Chez Pascal is ready
to be the answer to your question… Who is Open on Mondays?
Please note: The Wurst Kitchen is NOT OPEN on Mondays
From our extensive market research, burgers seem to be a very appealing little item.
We will now have our delicious Burger available in addition to our regular
Chez Pascal menu ONLY on MONDAYS!
The Burger is available only on MONDAYS!
When they are gone… they are gone… so don’t miss out.
We will be changing up the Burger accompaniments each week.
Lobster Rolls are a quintessential summertime treat.
Simple but ridiculously tasty; one bite and you can almost feel your toes squishing in the sand, waves rolling in the distance and that sweet salty air lapping at your nose.

As we make our way through August we thought
it would be fun to add a little beachy summertime fun to our urban oasis here.

If you too can’t make it to the shore,
then the shore must come to you!

Every night through August (Except Mondays as we wouldn’t want you
having to decide between a lobster roll and a burger)
we will be offering a Lobster Roll with joyous accompaniments.
Rain or shine, your summertime
Lobster Roll awaits.

Now we know that Lobster Rolls, much like Hot Dogs,
bring out the particular in people. With mayo, without mayo; hot, cold, herbs, no herbs, butter and so on.
For some they are a precious tradition not to be meddled with.

Well… we will be meddling just a wee bit.

For example:
please note this may change
Cold Lobster Salad with Fines Herbs & Mayo,
Toasted on a New England Split Roll
with a side of Cucumber,
Corn & Feta Salad

We hope you enjoy our version and we look forward to
spending the dog days with you. Enjoy!