We will be CLOSED for the month of July! See you in a few weeks!

We will be CLOSED for the month of July!  See you in a few weeks.

Hello folks!  Friday July 3rd will be our last pick up day until the beginning of August-ish. We are going to take a few weeks off to get our bearings, figure out how to make our temporary solution work more permanently for the future. What a journey we have had, collectively, since March! All of you filled our hearts and lifted our spirits from the little patch of concrete 6 feet from the Wurst Window. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to be whilst in the midst of such turmoil and uncertainty. We have witnessed first hand how people come together for the good of the whole, in spite of the personal sacrifices. Something that shouldn’t be so rare and precious but sadly is.

Keep that spirit, keep it safe, but don’t keep it hidden.

Know that when we return we will continue with our prepared meals TOGO but a more enhanced version, sprinkled perhaps with a few other elements. We are excited, honored, humbled, and determined.

See you in a bit lovelies!