Valentine’s Day 2019!

Love True Love
Thursday, February 14th
Chez Pascal will be offering a special even more love filled menu for you to celebrate cupid’s fine aim with whomever pleases you most, maybe that person is just you.
Come one come all, we would love to see you!
We will be offering a 3 course menu, choices within each course,
$69 per person, not including tax, gratuity or beverages.
Please note, this will be the only menu we will be offering
in Chez Pascal on that evening.
Also, The Wurst Kitchen WILL NOT be open on Valentine’s day night.
The menu is still being lovingly crafted, but here is a sneak peek.


Oysters on the /2 shell with winter pickled Maine kelp, chili oil & sesame seeds
Scallop carpaccio with watermelon radish, grapefruit, leeks & a truffle vinaigrette
Winter rye salad with apples, chicory, hazelnuts & goat’s milk feta
Savory profiterole with mushroom ragout, kale & polenta
Roasted mussels with a stew of saffron, curry & cream
Cheese love coming

Brined grilled Maine family farm’s pork rib chop with molasses braised beans,
Grilled radicchio & cabbage chow chow
Grilled Hopkins Southdowns’ leg of lamb with beluga lentils, cauliflower, swiss chard & golden raisin compote
Roasted cod filet with a golden beet and horseradish gratin, spinach & pickled mustard seeds
Seared sea scallops with a celery root and rutabaga chowder, apples, daikon radish & truffle vinaigrette
Vegetarian love coming

Chocolate brownie cookie sandwich with maple ice cream & quince
Warm waffle with banana & caramel compote, whipped cream & almond brittle
Orange crème caramel

Reservations for Chez Pascal for Valentine’sDay can not be made through our website. Please call us at 401-421-4422 and we will be happy to help!